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Ezekiel Elliott And Other Buckeyes Absolutely Destroyed Jim Harbaugh On Twitter Last Night

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry never stops, takes no days off, and is the biggest rivalry in sports 24/7 365 days a year. Last night on Twitter proved this when former Buckeye players went IN on Jim Harbaugh after Jim made some stupid comment about tattoos in regards to Gene Smith’s comment about the Michigan football program.

Gene Smith’s comment that got the ball rolling:

Pretty harmless troll job from Gene here. Nothing too harsh or disparaging. But Harbaugh decided he’d swing back and try and go for the knockout:

Oh Jimmy. Don’t tweet about being relevant after that 42-13 drubbing to Ohio State in Novemeber and when Michigan’s record vs Ohio State over the past 15 years looks like this:


Harbaugh’s tweet soon caught the eye of a few very very good former Ohio State players, namely Zeke Elliott who went for the Jugular:

And Jim is dead. I’m actually a big fan of Harbaugh because he makes Michigan semi relevant again, but he had to know that his tweet would get this reaction.

Other Bucks players chimed in too:

Can We All Just Admit That LeBron Unfollowing The Cavs Account On Twitter Is Weird?

 So the big talk around Cleveland and all of the national sports sites is that LeBron apparently unfollowed the Cavs official Twitter account yesterday. Probably not a huge deal. But it’s weird… because people who actually go out of their way to unfollow people are weird, psychotic, and unstable.

I definitely don’t think it means that he’s leaving again or anything but it’s still just one of those odd passive aggressive social media games LeBron likes to play. Who unfollows people on Twitter? Especially the team that employs you? Out of my 6 years on Twitter the only times I’ve ever unfollowed someone is when a Cleveland athlete ends up on another team or when someone becomes too boring. I’m not throwing around unfollows all willy nilly, probably have only unfollowed 4-5 accounts in my Twitter existence.

When you follow someone on Twitter you’re signing a social contract. It’s kind of like marriage- for better or worse, sickness, health, rich, poor, all that stuff. If you can’t handle someone at their worst, you don’t deserve them at their best.

On second thought, maybe LeBron unfollowing the Cavs on Twitter is actually a genius move. It gives something for us idiots to talk about instead of Saturday’s game at Miami, chemistry issues, lack of defense, etc.

Actively rooting for LeBron to unfollow someone on the team now just to see everyone’s reaction.

Former Browns WR Braylon Edwards Just Found Out You Can Buy Things On The Internet


According to a quick Google search, Amazon has been around since 1994. Braylon Edwards was born in 1983. Amazon has been around for more than 20 years of his life.

Atta boy, B! Crazy that in 2016 you can buy products off of the Internet. Who knew?! Just wish there were places on the world wide web where you could you could upload your favorite pictures and share them with others. Wish there was a place you could bid on items that you want. Wish there was a place for porn because I’m tired of these magazines.

You know what, Braylon? There’s even a place to get workout supplements since working out is apparently a thing you really like to do nowadays:

Instagram media by iamthadifference17 - YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO ASK!!!!!!!!! #WEWORKINOVERHERE  #EYEofTHEtiger


Instagram media by iamthadifference17 - SUNDAY FUNDAY GYMDAY  #WEWORKINOVERHERE