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Ezekiel Elliott And Other Buckeyes Absolutely Destroyed Jim Harbaugh On Twitter Last Night

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry never stops, takes no days off, and is the biggest rivalry in sports 24/7 365 days a year. Last night on Twitter proved this when former Buckeye players went IN on Jim Harbaugh after Jim made some stupid comment about tattoos in regards to Gene Smith’s comment about the Michigan football program.

Gene Smith’s comment that got the ball rolling:

Pretty harmless troll job from Gene here. Nothing too harsh or disparaging. But Harbaugh decided he’d swing back and try and go for the knockout:

Oh Jimmy. Don’t tweet about being relevant after that 42-13 drubbing to Ohio State in Novemeber and when Michigan’s record vs Ohio State over the past 15 years looks like this:


Harbaugh’s tweet soon caught the eye of a few very very good former Ohio State players, namely Zeke Elliott who went for the Jugular:

And Jim is dead. I’m actually a big fan of Harbaugh because he makes Michigan semi relevant again, but he had to know that his tweet would get this reaction.

Other Bucks players chimed in too:

Joey Bosa has a message for Jim Harbaugh… “Sorry”

“Hey Jim, Joey here. #97 if you forgot…”

Sorry for stomping you 42-13 in the Big House. Sorry for such a rude introduction to your Ohio State-Michigan coaching rivalry. Sorry for eating Jake Rudock for lunch time after time off the edge and intercepting his backup with one hand. Sorry for 4 straight victories over Michigan. Sorry I’ll be the number one pick in the draft.”

“I’m not that sorry, really”

*chugs Gatorade*

If you remember a few months ago Joey also posted this Instagram picture of him and Jake Rudock (former high school teammates) with the caption “Sorry Jake.”

Sorry Jake

A photo posted by Joey Bosa (@jbbigbear) on

I think “Sorry” may be becoming the new ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He also got to hang with Adriana Lima. Nice couple of days for #97, I’d say.

This will be the number 1 draft pick in April…@jbbigbear #SB50 #SuperBowl50 🏈🏈

A photo posted by Adriana Lima (@adrianalima) on

If you missed it this weekend, here’s a full recap of the OSU-Michigan Twitter war

While you were relaxing and probably nursing a hangover Saturday afternoon you may have missed the most entertaining “match” Ohio State and Michigan have had in years… and it happened on social media. Because nothing says “rivalry” like a good old fashioned Twitter beef. That’s the way Bo and Woody would’ve wanted it.

It all started when Jim Harbaugh and his khakis sent out this “Thought of the day”


Hm, weird. I never took Coach Jim as a “Thought of the day” kinda guy… but I digress. This was a direct shot at Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes and how they handled the Mike Weber/Stan Drayton recruiting situations. I’m not explaining it here but if you’re unfamiliar with what happened read this. This is Harbaugh just proving he’s got the mindset of a 15 year old girl by subtweeting Urban and the Bucks.

Interesting tactics by Jimmy here when Urban and the Bucks are the ones holding the CFB trophy while Michigan can’t even make the GoDaddy.com Bowl.

The tweet by Harbaugh piqued the interest of Mark Pantoni who is the Buckeye Director of Player Personnel. He sent this tweet out and it was a little less cryptic than Harbaugh’s.


“Oh hey Jim, you wanna send out whiny preteen girl subtweets? Oh well that’s cool my thought of the day is this cover of Sports Illustrated where we just rolled over Oregon to win the National Championship. How’s your 60th ranked recruiting class doing?”


Former Offensive Coordinator Tom Herman just couldn’t help himself either. He needed to take one last parting shot at Michigan and Jim Harbaugh and he completely ETHERED them. A lot of people have been dying on Twitter lately but this was a decapitiation unlike any these eyes have seen. He dropped the guillotine on Harbaugh and then dropped the mic. I really don’t know how Harbaugh will be able to show his face in public after that one. Fatality.

This renewed Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is already off to a great start. Michigan wins coaching searches, Ohio State wins National Championships. If you’re keeping score at home- Ohio State owns Michigan on the football field, the basketball court, the recruiting rankings, and now on the mean streets of social media.