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Ezekiel Elliott And Other Buckeyes Absolutely Destroyed Jim Harbaugh On Twitter Last Night

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry never stops, takes no days off, and is the biggest rivalry in sports 24/7 365 days a year. Last night on Twitter proved this when former Buckeye players went IN on Jim Harbaugh after Jim made some stupid comment about tattoos in regards to Gene Smith’s comment about the Michigan football program.

Gene Smith’s comment that got the ball rolling:

Pretty harmless troll job from Gene here. Nothing too harsh or disparaging. But Harbaugh decided he’d swing back and try and go for the knockout:

Oh Jimmy. Don’t tweet about being relevant after that 42-13 drubbing to Ohio State in Novemeber and when Michigan’s record vs Ohio State over the past 15 years looks like this:


Harbaugh’s tweet soon caught the eye of a few very very good former Ohio State players, namely Zeke Elliott who went for the Jugular:

And Jim is dead. I’m actually a big fan of Harbaugh because he makes Michigan semi relevant again, but he had to know that his tweet would get this reaction.

Other Bucks players chimed in too:

Ezekiel Elliott Tweets At Taylor Swift Asking For A Date While She’s In Columbus

Shooters shoot.

Move over Cardale and Rousey, there’s a new power couple in Columbus. “Taylor Elliott” has a nice ring to it, eh? The “Heisman Trophy and Grammy Award winning couple” rolls off your tongue pretty smoothly.

Even if their relationship doesn’t work out, could you imagine the bangers that the break up would produce? Taylor’s song “Crop Top” about “the one who ran into her heart”  would put “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space” to shame. Everyone knows the best part about Swift’s relationships are the songs that come after they end.

As if there was any chance of Taylor turning him down, Zeke turned to the heavy artillery:

Looks like college football has a new power couple.

There’s an Ezekiel Elliott Heisman campaign anthem and guess what… It’s FIIIIRE

Tough as nails

I bring the hammer

Ran through Oregon, Wisconsin, ran through Alabama


Fire. Straight 102 MPH Randy Johnson fastball fire. When he said “they goin left, then I go right, 150 and a touch that’s a slow night”

If this song is the push Zeke’s Heisman Campaign needed then so be it, we’re off to a blazing start already:


The track was written by Mekka Don who also has few more Ohio sports related songs

103 days till Virginia Tech.