Cavs-Hawks Highlight Reel (Hit Em High Mix)

– May 6, 2016 will officially be known as Channing Frye Day in Northeast Ohio from here on out

-Hope to see more Kevin Love and Channing Frye lineups down the road. I remember bitching late in the season about how we haven’t seen them on the court together. Maybe Lue was just saving it for the the playoffs when the Cavs needed a spark.

-Get my bang outs

-Will Tyronn Lue ever lose a playoff game? I’m beginning to think he won’t

– In these first 2 rounds I wanted the Cavs to face some sort of adversity to get ready for the ECF and Finals but the Pistons and Hawks stink soo

-The Hack a Tristan strategy may worry me down the road


-Al Horford’s dunk was a charge and the Kris Humphries “crossover” was a slip and I don’t want to hear otherwise

-It’s weird how much more likable this team is when the playoffs start.  The same thing that happened last year too

3-0 on to Atlanta

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