Kyrie Irving And Iman Shumpert Just Destroyed The Running Man Challenge


And times like these are when I realize I’m on the wrong side of Internet trends. I’m not really up on who started the Running Man Challenge (I think it was the Maryland basketball team) but I know the Internet has been going absolutely apeshit over this thing. Every day there’s a new video of a team or athlete doing it. I don’t have to see any others. This is the standard. Kyrie and Shump  dominated this thing and now everyone else is playing for second place.

Think Steph Curry could pull this off right now? Nope. Cavs in 6.

Best part- Kyrie ripping off that elbow pad like he’s about to give someone the People’s Elbow.


Funniest part- Delly being absolutely dumbfounded in the background.




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