Mishmash- Beatdown after high speed chase; American burgers contain rat and human DNA; Bartolo + The Natural

Cleveland pic of the day

Some idiot led New Hampshire cops on a high speed chase, once he got pulled over, he got the crap beat out of him in return

Dude in Texas catches a really really big fish

PHOTOS: Biggest fish caught in TexasFish and wildlife technician, Kevin Willis, holds an alligator gar that was caught and released in Matagorda Bay. Alligator gars can grow up to 8 feet long, weigh more than 300 pounds and live for decades.See more of the biggest fish caught by Texas anglers in recent years ... Photo: Coastal Fisheries ,  Texas Parks And WIldlife

This is how you score a point in volleyball

Burgers in America contain rat and human DNA… and I don’t care one bit, I’m still going to eat them

Bartolo Colon + The Natural = Perfection

Nice handshake, MVP

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