Mishmash- Guy bongs an entire bottle of Jack Daniels; Toronto woman follows her GPS, ends up in a lake; Hot Pocket interview

Cleveland pic of the day

Steph went 5 for 5 on halfcourt shots before the game last night. Too bad you don’t necessarily shoot halfcourt shots during a game.

Dude somehow bongs an entire bottle of Jack Daniels

A Toronto woman followed her GPS a little too literally and ended up in a lake


Bartolo Colon 30 for 30? Yep. This needs to be made.

Woman bitten by shark goes to the hospital with shark still stuck in her arm


“I dropped my hot pocket”

Doesn’t look like a travel to me.

Our Twitter account is in a contest for the Best Twitter Account in Cleveland. Winner of this match up makes the Final Four. A vote would be appreciated.



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