Mishmash- Russian couple has a pet bear; ENORMOUS alligator on Florida golf course; Cheetah has Go Pro on its back

Cleveland pic of the day

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. šŸ“·šŸŒ†Clevelandgram FeaturešŸŒ†šŸ“· ____________________________________ We hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend along with this summer heat! Speaking of heat, check out this sizzling photo by šŸ‘‰ @mike_p_w šŸ‘ˆ of our land from the waters edge. Once again, thanks for tagging #Clevelandgram ! Please go check out Mike's gallery and show some love! ____________________________________ Photo selected by: @inthe216 Follow and tag #clevelandgram or #humansofcleveland for a chance to be featured! Direct message us for guest moderator features. Please note, we cannot see posts from private accounts. Thank You! #cleveland #ohio #allin216 #theland #dtcle #thisiscle #believeland #CLE #216 #clevelandohio

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Good f*cking God look at the size of this alligator that was spotted on a golf course in Florida

Check out this knuckleball in the Red Sox-Orioles game yesterday

A family in Russia has a pet bear that weighs 300 lbs and they let him sit at the table

Surrogate child: Russian family Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko adopted the very large bear named Stepan aged three months

College student is so bored by his college lecture that he falls asleep and falls out of his chair in front of the whole class

I love that Kristaps Porzingis was rocking sunglasses during a game in Greece this weekend

The Cincinnati Zoo put a Go Pro on the back of a cheetah


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