Mishmash- Biggest Jager Bomb ever; Guy poops his pants to evade arrest; Corey Fuller motivational speech; Cam gets stuffed

Cleveland pic of the day

Back from the Pacific Northwest, ready to grind out these Mishmashes to help your mornings suck less.

Guy poops his pants to avoid getting arrested. It’s really not that terrible of a strategy if you think about it.

Nailed that flip. Absolutely nailed it.


A wild boar appears from the ocean and goes #beastmode on a few beachgoers

Former Brown Corey Fuller gave a pretty good pump up speech to a group of kids

Cam Newton got stuffed by a girl during a volleyball game


Dollar Shave Club just sold for $1 BILLION DOLLARS

This is the biggest Jager bomb I’ve ever seen

Ezekiel Elliott has the highest selling jersey in the NFL


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