Mishmash- Man bathes in 1k bottles of hot sauce; LeBron didn’t wear Ultimate Warrior shirt on purpose; Seal escapes orcas

Cleveland pic of the day

A seal jumps into a boat to escape some orcas who are trying to eat it

A guy decided to take a bath in 1,250 bottles of hot sauce. This hurts to watch

The Cincinnati Zoo deleted its Twitter account because they’re tired of the Harambe memes

LeBron says he didn’t wear that Ultimate Warrior shirt on purpose when he got off the plane in ClevelandĀ 

A Pitt student got stuck between 2 buildings because he was trying to impress a date

An Oakland Raiders tight end asks out Olympian Aly Raisman on video. Shooters shoot.

Hundreds of people floating on rafts in Michigan end up on the shores of Canada after being blown off course


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