Mishmash- Footage of a dragon caught on tape; Petition for Bob Uecker to replace Joe Buck; Church bans fat people

Cleveland pic of the day

There’s a petition to replace Joe Buck with Bob Uecker (Harry Doyle) to call the World Series\

Now I actually don’t hate Buck but this would be pretty awesome. Hell, as long as it’s not the TBS crew, I’ll listen to anybody.

He seems like he’d be a pretty pretty good beer pong player

This is apparently a dragon caught on tape in China (just ignore how the guy says “dragon”)

A church in Oregon is in a little bit of hot water because they banned all people from attending their services

Dorky kid asks “do you know who my parents are?” before getting whacked right in the face for asking such a dumb question

This 16 year old kid woke up from a coma and was suddenly very fluent in Spanish

90s song of the day


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