Paul Hoynes made good on his bet, jumped into Lake Erie for betting against the Indians

It’s World Series Game frigging 1 day so I’m not going to rehash it. You know the story. Paul Hoynes wrote the Indians off when Carlos Carrasco got hurt and has been getting shit for it ever since.

Friend of the program Matt Marron offered up a friendly wager a month back. Surprisingly, Hoynsie obliged.

So once the Tribe apparently did the impossible and advanced to the World Series, you better believe Matt was going to hold Hoynsie to his word.

Unfortunately, well actually fortunately the drone thing didn’t work out but Hoynes made good on his bet today. Here’s the video and what he wrote about it:

And now we can all say that we’ve seen Paul Hoynes take his pants off. Fantastic.

This was a fun thing, good job out of everyone involved. Glad he did it before the World Series started.

Now we can turn the page and win the whole fuckin’ thing.


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