Mishmash- 129 mph police chase so a man’s McDonald’s doesn’t get cold; LeBron mocks Steph; Shark eating a cow

Cleveland pic of the day

The Internet thinks LeBron mocked Steph Curry’s “Jone’s BBQ & Foot Massage” dance during the ring ceremony last night

Man leads police on a 129 mph chase because he wanted to get home so his McDonald’s didn’t get cold

A Rhode Island youth football coach was fired after allowing a grown ass man to play with teenagers

2 high school students got into a fight in a classroom and when one of them hit their teacher a third student jumped in and cleaned house. Good on that dude.

Here’s a video of a shark eating a cow in the ocean??

A man and woman were divorced 2 hours after getting married after it was discovered that she Snapchatted their wedding… the prenup agreement said that she would not share pictures on Snapchat of their wedding. 2016. What a year.

You order Red Bull & Vodkas at the bar? That’s basically cocaine.

90’s song of the day

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