Mishmash- Killer clown prank gone wrong; Aliens are sending messages to Earth; Tiger attacks zookeeper

Cleveland pic of the day

Philly fan gives Russell Westbrook the double birds. Philly gonna Philly

Charlie Sheen put out a video of him watching Major League before last night’s game. Unfortunately it didn’t bring home a W.

A woman ate a Jimmy John’s sandwich and hasn’t been able to talk since. Kind of a ridiculous story

As someone who hates those prank videos, this clip of a clown getting pistol whipped kind of warms my heart

This new movie with Shia LaBeouf as a Marine at home after a tour in Afganistan looks pretty good

Scientists think that they might be hearing messages from aliens in deep space

Crazy video of a tiger attacking its trainers in front of a some children

This note left on someone’s car is pretty awesome (even though I think it’s fake)

90’s song of the day

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