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I Love This Cocky Indians Fan Giving An “Interview” Outside Of Wrigley Field

And here’s the full video:

Yes I know this is scripted and probably not even a real interview but this was well done and be honest, you laughed. I mean, it’s been 4 months since I’ve last experienced a championship and it’s been 4 months too long. Don’t know how these people in other cities do it, man. It really starts to wear on your psyche. Big shoutout to the Lake Erie Monsters on that Calder Cup championship though. Still can’t believe we have to worry about a professional sports team appropriating Native American culture like the B****hawks are. SMH. Couldn’t root for a team like that in 2016.

You know what was real and not scripted? Tom Hamilton calling the final strikeout

Hot Cavs Fan Plants A Wet One Right On A San Fran Reporter In The Middle Of A Live Broadcast

Hey cool live broadcast


Oh now it’s ruined

In all seriousness, props to this Dave Feldman fella for keeping his cool and not getting all hot and bothered on live TV. I probably would have but that’s me, I’m not a professional. Hell, I blushed watching this on a computer screen.

“Stay calm, Dave. Stay calm, Dave. You’ve got this. Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner. Breathe. Breathe.”



“Crushed it.”



Hope to see everyone downtown tonight for game 4. Should be a rowdy time.


Cavs Fan Is Caught On Live TV Bawling After Last Night’s Loss To The Rockets

Man. Gotta feel for this poor guy. He’s held strong through all of the subtweets and unfollows and cheating rumors and trade rumors and trips down to Miami and blowout losses to bad teams and chemistry issues… but this was his final straw. Losing to Houston without your team’s best player was just too much. Sometimes you’ve just gotta have a good cry surrounded by 20,000+ people because of a late March regular season basketball game. And sometimes you’ve gotta let the tears flow on national TV. We all do it. This doesn’t make him any less of a man, he’s just preparing himself for the next inevitable Cleveland heartbreak.

But wait…


Imagine those waterworks if the Cavs were in 2nd.