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Video: Jason Kipnis And Francisco Lindor Beat The Piss Out Of The Rays Mascot Last Night

Who won the game last night? Who cares. I’d much rather see my infielders team up to beat the crap out of some mascot than win a regular season game in April. It builds camaraderie and character. Kipnis and Lindor are officially Cleveland’s version of the Bash Brothers.

I hope the New York Mets are planning to bring their mascot to Cleveland this weekend so I can see the middle of our infield take out Mr. Met as well.

HATE that guy.

Also. I know it’s been a few years but “Tampa Bay Devil Rays” is such a better name than “Tampa Bay Rays”

Forget Kyrie & LeBron, Moondog is the early frontrunner for MVP of All Star Weekend

I’m sure most of you are focused on LeBron James and Kyrie Irving this All Star Weekend but I’ll let you in on a little secret- The Cavs mascot Moondog is stealing the show.

First there was his reaction after Zach LaVine’s dunk:


Then there was him “tripping” over a some fan’s feet in the front row


I realize the trip is probably 95% fake because ya know, he’s a mascot… but if you didn’t laugh at that then I don’t want to know you as a person