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VIDEO: Milwaukee Brewers minor leaguer has a laugh like you’ve never heard before

Laugh/screech/just-open-your-mouth-and have-no-noise-come-out-of-it out loud funny. Hysterical. Like watching an Always Sunny blooper reel, the laughter is involuntary. I don’t think it is, but even if this was an act by Brett Phillips, keep it up and never stop.

The caption on that second video clip pretty much sums it up perfectly. “Laughs like a streaming video that freezes but the sound keeps going.”

To top it off, turns out Phillips is kind of a boss. Former 6th round pick, was a Top 10 prospect in the Astros organization before being sent to Milwaukee in the Carlos Gomez trade. He’s battling to start in center field for the Brewers this year, and his name is Maverick Phillips on Twitter. Play on, playa.