(Reader Email) Steelers fan gets JACKED UP by former LFL player in the Muni lot

We got this email 2 days ago:

“So I’m a little late with this but the guy getting truck sticked in the video is my good friend and die hard Steelers fan. Now I was back at my house passed out on the couch by the time this all happened and he was very drunk and roaming around the Muni Lot all by himself wearing that James Harrison jersey so I have no idea how he ended up in this situation but it is glorious. After doing a little research, we found out the chick that tackled him is a former lingerie football league player turned body builder or something like that.  He later returned to my house jersey-less as it was ripped from his body and caught on fire… Muni Lot Life

“Muni Lot Life.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. If you wear a Steelers jersey into the Muni Lot on a Sunday though you just kind of have to go in knowing that it’ll be ripped off of your body and burned, right? That’s just common sense. Muni Lot 101.

Apparently we’re becoming a real life functioning website now that gets reader tips and emails. Couldn’t be happier. As for this incident he’s talking about, I cut down the original video and made it into GIF form:


This was his “Oh shit” moment


BOOM MOTHERFUCKER! Hey dude, next time you challenge a girl to a little 1 on 1 football you should make sure she’s not, ya know, a former professional women’s football player… but I digress. (And she is/was an LFL player and a fitness model, the guy who sent me the email provided pictures) I know exactly what this Steelers fan was thinking too. He was thinking that he’d just be able to go in all cute and when he went to tackle her he’d be able to grab her waist, swing her around a couple times, then gently take her to the ground while they both laughed and smiled (every guy reading this knows EXACTLY the move I’m talking about).

But nope. No sir. Little did he know he was going up against the reincarnation of Lawrence Taylor in woman form. CHOO CHOO, bitch! Now you’re concussed!

After seeing this my mind immediately thought of the South Park episode that made fun of Dan Snyder earlier this year and I think the comparison is spot on.

The Aftermath. 


The rest of the video shows the guy stumbling around in a stupor due to the perfect combination of a mild concussion and a fifth of Jack Daniels. If people read this and scream “assault” or something of the sort, they’re morons. The guy gives her a congratulatory high five at the end. Everything is fine. We’re all buddies. Muni Lot Life.

PS- If anyone has tips, funny stories, or pictures/videos such as the one above from happenings around Cleveland, SEND THEM TO US. If you’re in line at Chipotle and Justin Gilbert orders carnitas (because carnitas is the worst choice ever) send it to us. If you see Shawn Marion slamming vodka at Barley House, send it in. If you see some guy playing dizzy bat in the muni lot and he falls on his face, send it. We’re not gonna be TMZ-like, we’ll decide if it is site worthy. We’re trying to build something here and we’d love if the readers got involved. Send stuff that’s funny, disturbing, outrageous, whatever. If you want us to write a post or do a power rankings or touch on something, let us know! We’re open to everything. If you like something, share it with your friends. If you think something we did sucks, let us know it fucking sucks. We can take it.

Send everything to Bottlegatecle@gmail.com. (can you believe someone already had “bottlegate@gmail.com” WTF man)

Muni Lot Life.

Thanks to Jarrod for the email

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