A list of reasons why Corey Kluber should win the Cy Young today


The AL and NL Cy Young awards will be announced today around 3:45 PM on MLB Network. Here’s a little list of reasons why Corey Kluber should triumph over Seattle’s Felix Hernandez and become the first Indians pitcher since Cliff Lee in 2008 to bring home the hardware.

  • WINS – Kluber 18, Hernandez 15
  • K/9 – Kluber 10.27, Hernandez 9.46
  • Left On Base % – Kluber 78.6%, Hernandez 77%
  • WAR (Wins Above Replacement) – Kluber 7.3 (first in MLB among qualified pitchers), Hernandez 6.2
    • 2013 Cy Young Winners: Max Scherzer (6.4 WAR), Clayton Kershaw (6.6)
    • Highest WAR for a SP since Roy Halladay in 2011 (8.1)
  • FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching…basically an ERA that only takes into account what a pitcher can control) Kluber 2.35, Hernandez 2.56
  • Complete Games – Kluber 3, Hernandez 0
  • Strikeouts – Kluber 269, Hernandez 248
  • Kluber’s curveball was the nastiest in the majors in 2014, a 21.5 pitch value from Fangraphs (Hernandez’ was 12.6).
  • Kluber needed only 85 pitches to record a complete game shutout against, you guessed it, Felix Hernandez and the Mariners on July 30 (Hernandez – 7 IP, 2 ER)
  • This was a real thing that happened during one of his starts

It’s too bad Mike Trout exists, or your Cleveland Indians would be sweeping the two biggest awards in the league. I’ll be stunned if Klubedaddy doesn’t win this one today. Pay the man!


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