Let me introduce you to my city. My home. My Cleveland.

Let me introduce you to my city. My home. My Cleveland. I don’t wanna brag, but I’m gonna. I was raised in neighborhoods full of makers, doers, people that live and breathe for our city. Rising each morning not just to survive but to thrive. Clevelanders push each other to make more out of our city than people outsider perceive. We’re creating a place to make entrepreneurs, hard workers, families, philanthropists, world class chefs, health care leaders, athletes, and believers. We’ve built a city that we’re proud of and now it’s time to enjoy it. Those who left are coming back hearing the call of a city who’s ready to welcome them with open arms, no matter where they were. And what brings people back? There’s a spirit here you can’t easily forget. It’s not just home, it’s excitement, it’s a new adventure. You can see it in the lake, the parks, the arts, the music, the food. Oh, the food. People from all around are taking notice mentioning us as a culinary destination. Amongst some of the greatest in the world. But I’m not surprised. This place is a treasure. Cleveland is a place where we can drink to great nights, stand in ovation, and cheer proudly for our teams. There’s no place like it. We want our visitors surprised when they arrive and eager to come back. Don’t just go home and tellk your friends “Cleveland Rocks.” Tell them we play, we dance, we work, we drive, we learn, we cook, we love. We love Cleveland. And you’ll love it too. Like I said, this is where I was made. And things that are made here are built to last.

Michael Symon you beautiful son of a bitch. Just for that video I will be eating at B-Spot this weekend, you can bet that. I don’t know when the recent trend of making videos showcasing Cleveland began, but I know I can’t get enough of it.

(sidenote: Vote here for Cleveland’s hottest professional athlete)







(Video courtesy of Think Media Studios and the IX Center)

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