I could watch JR Smith swing a golf club all day long (plus dick jokes!)

Via JR’s Instagram


I’m a simple man. It doesn’t take much to grab my attention but I’m at the point now where I could watch JR Smith do ANYTHING and be entertained. I’d watch the guy eat cereal or pump gas with a smile on my face from ear to ear. Never took him for much of a golfer but his swing looked almost as pure as his jumpshot. I think it’s safe to say if they guy wasn’t making baskets on the court he’d be making putts on the green.

Bubba Watson posted this picture over the weekend of him teeing it up with JR on Saturday the day before the Cavs played Orlando.

Of course, us being who were are couldn’t let JR Smith’s attire and attributes go unnoticed.

Quick, some JR Smith golfing one liners:

  • What’s Jr’s favorite club? The 9-iron he keeps in his pants.
  • How does JR Smith putt without falling over?
  • What’s JR’s record for holes played in a day? 18? 36?
  • Does JR Smith use a head cover when he’s using his driver?
  • Hopefully he washes his balls after every hole


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