Is Taj Gibson the biggest crybaby wimp in the NBA?

Play this before reading the ensuing quote:

“That’s what happens when you’re in Cleveland,” Gibson said. “It’s the second time in a row that they threw stuff at us. It’s classless. We’re just here to play basketball. I can’t focus on that kind of stuff.”

– Taj “Hardcore” Gibson


Good thing Taj wasn’t hurt though. Can you imagine being hit with a hard object after you were just ejected for kicking a player on the home team in an emotional playoff game? Man. That’d be awful. We really have to be thankful that the hard object didn’t hit him in the head and cause extensive damage… Phew. He’s lucky he didn’t get knocked unconscious. I mean this was just a terrible and heinous crime. Bottlegate x 100.

Wait a second. I thought Taj was in clear and imminent danger as he was being escorted off of the court? I thought those “classless” Cleveland fans were tossing beers/batteries/dog biscuits at him and really letting him have it…


They weren’t.

Just one single 100% cotton towel rained down from the rafters at Quicken Loans Arena. You know the towels… About 18X12 inches. Made in China. Soft. Fluffy. White. Maybe about 4 ounces… So basically a murderous weapon.

Taj can’t be serious, can he? THAT’S what he considers “classless?”

Now I get it. Aside from hat tricks in hockey, people that throw things onto the field of play are generally assholes. And that’s fine. I’m not going to sit in my Ivory Tower and chastise people who throw things onto court/field/diamond. You see the name of this website? Without the drunk Browns fans chucking bottles of booze after referees made an officiating blunder in 2001, we wouldn’t be on this here Internet today… But to call an entire city of people “classless” for ONE COTTON TOWEL may be the most ridiculous thing an NBA player has ever done… and I suffered through two seasons of watching Dion Waiters.

Quick. Let’s play a game. Who’s tougher: Taj Gibson or my almost 2 year old dog Bodhi?

You know what Bodhi did after that? He didn’t call me “classless” and whine to the media. He smiled at me with his tail wagging. Then he turned his head around and licked his ass because being hit by a towel is basically the same feeling as a mild gust of wind.

I think it’s safe to say Taj would not have fared well in the WCW (this is an amazing clip)

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