Don’t worry Cleveland. There’s a response to Froggy Fresh’s LeBron rap and it’s phenomenal


Sound the alarm! Warn the women and children! We’ve got a good old fashioned NBA whiteboy rap-off and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s like Pac & Biggie, Jay Z & Naz, Common & Drake (lol), or Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim. It’s Yankees-Red Sox, Montagues-Capulets, Ohio State-Michigan, Edward v Jacob…. Shue versus Froggy Fresh.

We get sent A LOT of YouTube videos of people’s songs, team anthems etc. and frankly most of them are pretty bad… but I’m legitimately impressed with this one and I’ll probably have that “Buh Bye Bulls” line stuck in my head for at least a couple days.

From 1:43-1:58 it almost sounds like the end of Eminem’s third verse on Rap God (not really but kind of but not really.. you get my point)

Here’s the original Froggy Fresh song that inspired this rebuttal

On another note, Froggy is like 4’7, right?

SHUE >>>>> froggy and it’s not close.

PS- Rule #1 of writing a diss track: Always have some muscle in your crew ready to throw down if things get muddy


Alright dude, we get it, you lift.

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