The Indians broke Lloyd McClendon

So the Tribe invaded Seattle this past weekend and took three of four from the M’s. The whole squad had a rough weekend, including manager Lloyd McClendon.

Then, on Tuesday, Alex Rodriguez checked his swing.

You’ll have to click the link cause I’m on my lunch break and can’t figure out how to embed it:

Here are some highlights:





Best parts about this historical tirade:

  1. Obviously the kicking of the hat. Clean contact, great distance. One of those drives in golf that you hit perfectly, a line drive off a baseball bat that you don’t even feel because you squared it up so nice. Big players make big plays at big moments, and your boy Lloyd absolutely crushed the hat punt.
  2. Making sure every umpire got a piece of his mind. There’s no way 90% of what was coming out of his mouth was making any sense or had any relevance to the situation at hand, but it’s all about making a show. Check, check and check.
  3. The hustle in the jog out to the third base ump. That part made me LOL. “I’m gonna throw a temper tantrum, but god damnit I’ll make it as convenient for you as possible.”

This ain’t Lloyd’s first rodeo, either. The man literally stole first base when he was managing the Pirates back in the day.

Still, for my money, the best ejection of all time is quite safely in the hands of Wally Backman.

“Let’s go have a beer, Doc.”

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