Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler reunited to blast a “Really!” dumb SI reporter


Andrew –

I mean…….bruh. It’s 2015. Every single time you post on social media, you piss off someone somewhere. If you post a picture of the burger you had for dinner, the rival cattle farm to that restaurant’s supplier will be in your ear 15 minutes later. You also somehow have a job at a major news outlet along with a little over twelve thousand followers on Twitter, so you’re under the microscope even more. The level of ineptitude required to publicize such a glaringly offensive opinion is simply stunning.

So there’s that, and then there’s the fact that the stance you hold and decided to share with the world not only classifies you as an extreme sexist but quite possibly a terrorist as well. Look, as a soccer guy I know VERY well that the sport isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s completely fine. I don’t really like golf. And I also understand the fact that not all sports fans will enjoy watching men and women play the same sport equally. I was all over March Madness and the NBA Finals, but I can’t say I’ve watched a single minute of women’s college hoops or the WNBA. While they play many of the same games with many of the same rules, they’re certainly different beasts, there’s no denying that. But so are movies that area based off books. As a fan of male sports, you claiming that absolutely zero women’s sports are worth watching would be like an author claiming that books are ALWAYS better than movies based off them, every time, 100% of the time, no exceptions. That’s clearly not true in Hollywood and that’s clearly not true here in the real world that we (well most of us at least) live in. There might not be a perfect quantifiable way of comparing one to the other, but I’d sure like to see you read that tweet to Serena Williams.

ALL OF THAT ASIDE, Andrew, this is America we’re talking about. The United States Women’s National Soccer Team is competing against other real-life countries to hoist the most important trophy in their sport. If you can’t put your distaste for the sport and apparently the gender aside to root for the red, white and blue, you deserve nothing less than a stern talking to. By a federal judge.

Have a good day!


PS Weekend Update is in my top 3 SNL skits of all time and Poehler and Meyer are two of my faves. Also is she hot with dark hair or..?

PPS “Women do have a lot in common with LeBron…in the finals, we often find ourselves asking “Hey! Can I get some help around here?”



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