Mishmash- Man punches cougar to save his dog; Dan Bilzerian’s Presidential campaign video; Ariana Grande licks donuts and says she hates America

Cleveland pic of the day


 ESPN’s Bomani Jones and Chris Broussard had a very nice argument on Twitter about sexual abstinence.


Dan Bilzerian is running for president and he just released his first presidential campaign video. It’s exactly what you’d expect.


A bear at a Minnesota zoo threw a 50 lb. rock at the exhibit glass and basically shattered it


Narc dog tattles on his doggy buddy for playing with toilet paper


Kanye’s new album list may have been leaked


Ariana Grande was videotaped licking donuts, kissing her boyfriend, and saying “I hate America.” Huh?


Man gets his dog snatched up by a cougar, man hunts cougar down, punches cougar, saves his dog. God damn hero.

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