Mishmash- Woman pulls knife on boys because of bad wifi at Taco Bell; Canadian Road Rage is what you’d expect; Mini pig gets stuck

Cleveland pic of the day


Woman pulls a knife on 3 boys at Taco Bell because their wifi was bad. Don’t blame her one bit.


Taylor Swift’s stage malfunctions but she continues on with the show because she’s a professional.


THE WORST marriage proposal ever at the home run derby last night was some doofus holding a sign in the crowd during a cancer tribute. Who said romance was dead?



Don’t pass out when lifting heavy weight above your head


Here’s video of Donovan McNabb getting arrested for a DUI


This absolute psychopath is just chilling in his car and jamming on his recorder


Canadian road rage caught on camera. Lots of finger pointing and stern language


Something dumb to make you laugh- A mini pig gets caught in a doggy door


Introducing the playground slide of doom. Holy shit.


Chris Berman fabulous hair picture of the day

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