True Detective Reddit Recap: S2 E4 “Down Will Come”


Episode 1: The Western Book of the Dead

Episode 2: Night Finds You

Episode 3: Maybe Tomorrow

 Well that sure escalated quickly. After 50 minutes of dialogue and plot advancement, last night’s episode ended with two guys, a girl and a shootout. Predictably, the big three were the last ones standing after a bunch of cholo’s open-fired on their squad before they even had a chance to say hello. Velcoro’s dumpy partner bit the dust, as well as probably a half dozen cops and 20 or so “protesters”. I thought it was pretty well done. Most tense scene the show has had since Carcosa and the tracking scene from Season 1.


  • Probably the biggest question from this episode is “Who tipped off the pimps?” The fact that they were fired upon immediately after arriving at the building in the final scene certainly suggests that the gangsters were expecting company. And the awkwardness between the higher ups and the team during the briefing beforehand (the mayor’s “Be careful out there,” the lieutenant asking if they needed that much manpower, plus the fact that the Vinci PD wanted the Caspere investigation to go towards the pimps anyway) lends itself to that theory. We know the Mayor has a vendetta against Ani ever since she went to his house. However there’s a lot of Redditors that are of the opinion that the Mayor is too obvious and he isn’t the one calling the shots. I tend to agree with them. “I live among you…well disguised” from the opening credits. The Mayor is about as well disguised as Shaquille O’Neal at Chuck E. Cheese.
  • Sticking with that last scene, it was interesting to see how all three characters reacted to it. Ani was clearly shaken up and almost vomits when the dust settles. Ray shows less than that, but even he is shaking during those final moments where the pimp is holding the hostage. But Paul seems completely comfortable and at home. For someone who has been struggling with his identity all season, sexually and otherwise, he seemed almost enchanted by the whole thing.

  • That quick exchange with Frank, his wife and what seemed to be a groundskeeper? About the avocado trees not growing? Avocado comes from the Aztec word for “testicle”. The guy said the soil was infertile, which to me implies that Frank’s wife is the problem and not him. (/u/toaka)
  • Dixon’s request of Ray from earlier this season:


Welp he’s dead now, so does Ray follow through and go through his stuff for him? And if so, does he find the photos Dixon took of Paul and his Army lover? And if he does, what does he do with them? I have to imagine that situation happens, I don’t see the point in even showing him taking them if you’re just going to kill him off the next episode and they never see the light of day.

  • I gotta say, I’m pretty close to jumping on the “the dialogue in this show absolutely blows” train. I like the idea that Nic intentionally has Frank use million dollar words in an effort to overcompensate for his masculine and, well, professional shortcomings. I do. But it doesn’t really make sense to me when Ani gives her sister the “memories recognize you” speech. And it makes even less sense when her sister (a hooker, sorry, “online performer”) articulates “You couldn’t even be there for yourself” back at her. And don’t get me started on Frank’s henchman and some of the other minor characters. I’m not boarding the train just yet but how much are tickets?
  • The watch at the pawn shop and the picture of the watch that was stolen from Caspere do most certainly not match up.


Yet Paul says that they do, and they even find fingerprints on it. Is this just an oversight by the show? Was Paul so flustered that he didn’t notice the difference? Probably not. The fingerprints seem to point to this all being a setup, just like the final scene. And possibly that Dixon was a part of it. He gave Paul a long stare at the pawn shop when he initially identifies the watch as a match to the photo.

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