True Detective Reddit Recap: S2 E3 “Maybe Tomorrow”


Episode 1: The Western Book of the Dead

Episode 2: Night Finds You

It’s Monday after July 4th weekend, so here’s the summary you guys get this week (courtesy of /u/LifeWillBeOkay & /u/namesrhardtothinkof):


Here are my questions/tidbits:

  • Some kind of connection with the photographer at the movie set and Caspere’s secretary, who is there just “collecting tax papers” or something like that. They show a quick shot of the photog looking at her walking before the scene where Ray and Ani talk to her again:


This screen cap shows a mask similar to that worn by the car arsonist later in the episode & the photog:


He sort of reminds you of Errol when you first meet him in Season 1 in the sense that it’s a quick (and rather creepy) interaction with a main character that is not minor enough to be ignored but not major enough to be made a big deal of at the time. He’s also snapping pics of two girls when Ray initially strikes up the conversation, so there’s that. Plus he works for the movie studio who was clearly behind the burning of the car later…looks like he has the physique to outrun Ani if you ask me.

  • The only interesting idea I’ve stumbled upon about Caspere’s safety deposit box is that maybe Ray’s money is tied up in those diamonds. Easier to carry and hide 5 million bucks in a few tiny rocks than bags and bags of cash.
  • It was hard to catch at first but that was indeed Ray’s idiot partner Teague snapping photos of Paul during his little lovers’ tiff. Why he was is an interesting question, but it’s not feeling to me like anything more complicated than Vinci PD having him dig up some dirt as ammo for when the state inevitably blows up Velcoro’s spot. Could explain his lack of thoughtful input and general boredom with the whole investigation (he’s reading the paper most of the scenes in the warehouse).
  • This one I got ALL ON MY OWN. And it probably means absolutely nothing. But during the latest meet up between Ray and Frank at the bar, one shot shows them sitting down at the table with the bar’s letter grade for sanitation from the Department of Health clearly visible. It’s a B. Now according to this article from 2014, if you walk into a restaurant in LA County there’s a 94% chance it has an A grade and less than a 1% chance it’s a C. Makes me think the B was a deliberate choice by Nic P, showing a little good and a little bad in both main characters that usually meet there in Frank and Ray. And even Ray’s dad in the opening dream sequence, who we learned was also a cop “back when you could do actual police work.” Or not, probably.
  • Apparently it’s always sunny in Beverly Hills, too.


  • Looks like the douchebag director on the movie set was Pizzolatto taking a shot at the director of TD season 1 Cary Fukunaga.
  • Two obvi’s – Paul had a three day fling with that guy when they were “soldiers”, so that compounded with whatever caused those scars is probably the root of his problems. And Frank’s dead henchman had something similar, if not identical, done to his eyes as Caspere.


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