Mishmash- Trent Richardson field vision still sucks; Guy decides to stop being human and life life as a goat; Double knockout video

Hello Bottlegaters,

In Hilton Head for the week where I’ll have spotty Internet, constant suburn and morning hangovers. I’ll try and have these up in the morning as best I can, even if I’m bitten by a shark.


Cleveland pic of the day


Here’s a guy skiing down 3 escalators


Guy says “fuck being a human” and decides to live his life as…. a goat.



Whoa. Guys square up and end up knocking each other out at the same time… There ALWAYS has to be some guy with his shirt off


Don’t shoot a shotgun like this. Super cool hat though.


Straight Outta Compton re-imagined in Grand Theft Auto. Pretty cool.


Trent Richardon’s field vision is better than ever in Oakland


Guy cleans out his grandfather’s garage and finds his old WWII duffel bag and rifle among other things. Pretty cool.


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