Mishmash- John Harbaugh is a douche; Golden Retriever LOVES playing in water; Colorblind kid sees color for first time

Cleveland pic of the day


Family sees malnourished dog on the side of the road, it jumps into their car, they take it home and nurse it back to full health

UNILADs This Desperate Dog Jumped Into Somebodys Car And Her Life Was Never The Same Again image


John Harbaugh seems like a super cool dude to hang out with


St. Louis Rams cheerleader gets surprised during a game by her husband that’s in the military


Meatstick squats 315 on one of those hoverboard things. This just doesn’t seem practical


High schooler lays the truck stick on the way to a touchdown


This Golden Retriever LOVES playing around in a tub of water


Cool video as a colorblind kid sees color for the first time


Dean Ambrose almost got attacked by a fan

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