Browns Waive Terelle Pryor To Make Room For A Running Back Who’s Hurt. What?

What? Why? Why even have Terrelle Pryor make the 53 man roster and announce that he’s changing his number to 17… only to cut him the Thursday before the first game of the season? Why have your team Twitter account hype him up all preseason and have him be available to the media as much as he was this summer? What’s the point of cutting a player in your weakest position group to make room for a guy who won’t be ready to play till week 3 or 4? Why not just cut Pryor when the roster was getting trimmed to 53? This makes absolutely no sense. Such a Browns move to cap off a banner week.

I’m not saying Pryor would have made an impact at WR right away but that’s not why the Browns were keeping him. This was a long term project and everybody knew that. But to cut him for a player who won’t be ready to play for awhile? Eh… Why not cut one of our FOUR tight ends? Why not cut a defensive lineman at the bottom of the depth chart?

So, to recap- Browns keep Terrelle Pryor on the 53 man roster. Terrelle Pryor gets cut to make room for an active third running back. That “active” running back won’t be active for about a month.

Welp. At least Turbin lifts

RIP #PryorPorn

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