The Browns May Make The Super Bowl, They May Not. A Super Quick 2015 Season Preview

And we’re back! Cleveland Browns football is here.


After an interesting offseason we finally get to bitch about what the Browns are doing on the field, and not what’s happening off of it. Can the run defense improve upon their pitiful showing from last year? Will Josh McCown be serviceable? How will Danny Shelton look? Is the secondary as good as advertised? What about Johnny Manziel? Will he play? Kicking game? Can Cleveland improve upon their solid showing in the AFC North last season?

There are so many unanswered questions going into this season, no one has any idea what is going to happen. Could be fun.

We’ll go over the 3 phrases in Kyle Shanahan Powerpoint bulletpoint form (told you it was a quick preview)


  • Lack of playmakers
  • Quarterback needs to manage the game, not turn the ball over, and make timely throws. AKA the most cliche requirements ever. Basically, just don’t suck.
  • Good offensive line needs to be great
  • Breakout players: Taylor Gabriel, Isaiah Crowell
  • X-factor: Duuuuuke Johnson
  • Offensive MVP: Crowell

Gonna need a lot of this

I’m trying to not be pessimistic about the Browns offense this year so here we go: We have a good offensive line and our wide receivers will look good in the new jerseys. Other than that I just can’t get excited about the offensive outlook for this year. IF the running game can get going, it’ll be imperative to call a good gameplan for the quarterback and receivers. IF Josh McCown throws 30+ times a game we won’t win.


  • Supposed strength of the team
  • STRONG secondary
  • Run defense needs to improve from a year ago
  • Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers
  • Breakout players: Chris Kirksey, Armonty Bryant
  • X-factor: Tramon Williams
  • Defensive MVP: Karlos Dansby

The defense will need to be the strong unit on this team. Kruger will need 10+ sacks. Our front seven will need to put consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks so our DBs can sit back and ball out. The addition of Danny Shelton will undoubtedly help against the run but the jury is still out on the rush defense. I think Chris Kirksey will turn some heads this season. Hopefully our defenders can thrive in their 2nd year in Jim O’Neil’s defensive system.

Special teams

  • Unknown at kicker
  • Punter is a BEAST
  • Hopefully Benjamins return vs. Tampa Bay is a good sign of things to come

Andy Lee. Andy Lee. Andy Lee. Never been so excited about a punter in my life.


Season Outlook

  • The Browns
  • The Browns will go
  • The Browns will go 10-6.
  • The Browns will go 10-6. Sometime.
  • The Browns will go 10-6. Sometime. Maybe.
  • The Browns will go 10-6. Sometime. Maybe. In our lifetime.

Just like last year I see the Browns hanging around until the final weeks. They’ll be “in the hunt” and not mathematically eliminated until the end of the season. A lot of analysts and media types are predicting doom and gloom this season but I honestly just don’t see it. Barring any catastrophic injury to our elite players (Haden & Thomas) I think this team has a real chance to make the AFC North interesting. A LOT has to go our way to have any real shot at the playoffs but crazier things have happened, I think. And nothing says “confidence in your team” more than the quote “crazier things have happened.”







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