Mishmash- Nasty DIII football fight; Strippers share their best stories; Video-Terrorist gets the crap beat out of him in prison

Cleveland pic of the day


DIII football fight between Washington & Jefferson and Westminster


There’s a thread on Reddit where strippers share their best and worst stories from working at the strip club. It’s actually kind of interesting.


Dez Bryant celebrates the Cowboys win even though he has a broken bone in his foot


Video: A suspected terrorist gets the SHIT beat out of him in prison


JJ Watt lost his helmet and still got a sack. Beast.


Travis Kelce with an A++++++ TD celebration yesterday


He’s made a couple bangers this season but Justin Bieber shouldn’t show his face in public after this pathetic display of shotgunning

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I lost but I didn't go to college @sammy

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on


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