#BuckeyePorn; Hype Video Will Actually Get You Pumped For The OSU Game Vs. Northern Illinois

Welp. Didn’t think I was going to get too excited about the Huskies coming to Columbus on Saturday but now I can’t wait. The Bucks are coming for that ass, NIU!

Really need to see Cardale put together a good game on Saturday. Something like a 14-20 performance with 2+ TDs and 30 yards rushing. Last week’s 38-0 win over Hawaii was amazingly unimpressive on the offensive side of the ball (yes, a 38 point win was unimpressive). I think it’ll be imperative for the passing game to find their stride and put up some big numbers.  Maybe let Braxton throw out of the Wildcat?

Bucks 52  Northern Illinois 14


That Cardale pic reminds me of this:



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