Josh McCown is your starting quarterback Sunday against the Raiders

So Josh McCown is apparently out of the woods (the woods being the NFL’s concussion protocol) and will resume his starting duties at quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders. Browns twitter is…..not thrilled.

I gotta say, I’m pretty goddamn disappointed. The Muni on Sunday was ELECTRIC. The stadium was ELECTRIC. Even the 7 PM hangover was ELECTRIC. We blew a fuse in Cleveland three days ago and Mike Pettine just opened up the fuse box, said “Hmmm. Nah.” and named Josh McCown our starting quarterback once again.

My only hope is that this turns out to be the right move in the long run. Give Johnny a couple more weeks of practice and learning and turn the keys over to him by the end of the season. The only problem with this is that the Browns have given us absolutely zero reason to trust anything they do at all, ever, at any position. So I’m going to stomp my feet and scream probably nonstop for the next five days. Thanks Obama.

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