Kid Does A Spot On Ric Flair Impression As A Couple Of Browns Players Look On

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RIC FLAIR! #give10

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If I couldn’t see it for myself I’d say that was the Nature Boy himself leading that huddle. I know there’s been a lot of Ric Flair imitations over the years (that Colts player from last year comes to mind) but this one by this little bro right here takes the cake as the best one I’ve seen.

This vid comes via the Browns Instagram account when a few Browns players attended the practice of a youth football team in Brooklyn last night. Pretty cool gesture after flying all the way across the country from San Diego. I flew from San Diego to Cleveland on Monday and I ended up sleeping for 14 straight hours so props to these guys for showing up and giving back to the community.

PS- There’s always gotta be one person that ruins everything and that person is IG user jscola55:


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