Josh Gordon Is Killing His Workouts During His “Vacation”

Nice to see Josh Gordon spending his “vacation” in the gym staying in shape for next season. He doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt but maybe, just maybe, he can come back next season bigger, faster, and stronger. Imagine if Touchdown McCown had Gordon split out wide during Sunday’s game, he probably would have thrown for 900 yards.

I’m an admitted Josh Gordon apologist so I’m really really rooting for the dude.

PS- As someone who did crossfit 4 times a week this summer I’ve gotta say his power clean form needs a little work. More hips, faster elbows… Annnnnd with that sentence I’m officially “corrects people’s form at the gym” guy.

PPS- In all honesty Josh has probably been more productive than Dwayne Bowe has this season.


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