Guess Which NFL Team (And Player) Has The Highest Selling Jerseys Among Female Fans? Hint: Browns

Via Dick’s Sporting Goods

Highest selling team:


Highest selling player overall:


Highest selling defensive players:



A few takeaways from theses rankings

  • This has NOTHING to do with the Browns getting new jerseys. Nope. Nothing. Cleveland women just love their Brownies that much. (It has everything to do with new jerseys)


  • I’m not saying you’re basic if you’re a girl and you only have a Haden jersey but I’m not saying you’re not basic either. Go to the Muni Lot or FirstEnergy Stadium and I’m sure 85-90% of the girls in jerseys are sporting a Joe H. We need a little more versatility out of our ladies on Sundays.


  • I think if I ever saw a girl rocking a Danny Shelton jersey I’d probably fall in love? There’s something to be said for a girl who willingly rocks a defensive tackle’s #71 jersey.


  • There’s really not many good options when you Google “female Browns fans” and that’s a shame because I’ve seen tons of talent downtown on Sundays for Browns games.


  • On to St. Louis.

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