Is it OK to wear a jersey with no undershirt to an NBA game?


The Cavs posted the above picture on their Instagram account last night after they throttled the Miami Heat last night 113-93. What really caught my eye was the bro with the courtside seats trying to high five LeBron. How did he get those seats? Who’s that girl he’s with? ButI digress…

The thing that most caught my attention was this guy’s wardrobe; mainly his lack of an undershirt under his LeBron jersey.

I’d like to pose the question to everyone reading this: Is wearing a basketball jersey w/no t-shirt underneath an acceptable look for an NBA game? Let’s give it a quick breakdown.

The argument for no undershirt

  • You get a nice breeze so your armpits won’t sweat because sweaty armpits fuck up your whole day
  • If you consistently work out it’s a great excuse to show off your delts and bis
  • You don’t look like every white NCAA basketball player of all time
  • You can show off your sick tribal tattoo
  • Better arm mobility if you need to put your arm around a girl or catch a shirt from the t-shirt cannon

The argument for an undershirt

  • People will think you’re a tool if you show up indoors without sleeves on
  • You can show off your sick tribal tattoo
  • They can cover up those gross unsightly hairs on the back of your arm and upper shoulder
  • If you haven’t hit the gym in awhile, they can cover up those skinny twigs you call arms
  • An undershirt will keep your arms warm if the arena is a tad chilly

So let’s vote:

UPDATE: Apparently this guy in the main picture proposed to his girlfriend on the Humungotron and she said yes. Big win for #TeamNoUndershirt here


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