Block out a half hour of your day and watch this video recapping Ohio State’s championship season

My suggestion is to go to a room in your house by yourself, turn off all the lights, put your phone on silent, pop some popcorn, maybe pour a little glass of wine or some whiskey, light a candle or two and fire up this 26 minute masterpiece. Forget that DVR’ed episode of How I Met Your Mother. Forget about all the work you’re putting off. Forget about going to the gym. WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW.

I think I could listen to the 2 biggest jackasses at ESPN (Colin Cowherd & Skip Bayless… obviosuly) on loop for the rest of my life.

We live in a time where people hate watching Youtube videos that are over 30 seconds long but I promise you’ll enjoy reliving the Bucks season. How many days till the Spring Game again?

PS- There’s still never a bad time to get yourself some Ohio State gear 

BottleGate_OSU copy

h/t to 11W

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