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Guess Which NFL Team (And Player) Has The Highest Selling Jerseys Among Female Fans? Hint: Browns

Via Dick’s Sporting Goods

Highest selling team:


Highest selling player overall:


Highest selling defensive players:



A few takeaways from theses rankings

  • This has NOTHING to do with the Browns getting new jerseys. Nope. Nothing. Cleveland women just love their Brownies that much. (It has everything to do with new jerseys)


  • I’m not saying you’re basic if you’re a girl and you only have a Haden jersey but I’m not saying you’re not basic either. Go to the Muni Lot or FirstEnergy Stadium and I’m sure 85-90% of the girls in jerseys are sporting a Joe H. We need a little more versatility out of our ladies on Sundays.


  • I think if I ever saw a girl rocking a Danny Shelton jersey I’d probably fall in love? There’s something to be said for a girl who willingly rocks a defensive tackle’s #71 jersey.


  • There’s really not many good options when you Google “female Browns fans” and that’s a shame because I’ve seen tons of talent downtown on Sundays for Browns games.


  • On to St. Louis.

Mike Polk’s Newest Video Will Remind You Of All Those Browns Jerseys You Regret Buying

Brady Quinn? Check.

Trent Richardson? Check.

Johnny Manziel? Check. (still relevant and still have faith though)

Those are my jersey skeletons hanging in my closet.

Go to the Muni Lot for one game this season and you’ll see the majority of these jerseys being worn proudly. I think in some way it’s a badge of honor among Browns fans. Like it’s a club of people with the mindset of “Yeah I spent $100 on this jersey but fuck it, I’ll support this team no matter if my jersey is relevant or not.” You see someone wearing a Quincy Morgan jersey and it’s hilarious, but then you realize you’re wearing a Jake Delhomme jersey and you can both laugh about how dumb you both are.

This brings up a conversation I just had this past weekend. My friend was in the market for a new jersey and we started discussing his options. Aside from Joe Haden, whose jersey would you go out and buy right now? Remember you have to consider their age, position, contract, production, etc. I said Kruger, Shelton, Hartline, or Crow. He decided on Gipson. Solid pick but before I agree with it let’s hope Gip is here for a couple years before I even think about dropping the cash to buy his jersey.

With rumors of a Browns new uniform release swirling, here are all the concepts floating around

There’s a rumor floating around these here interwebs that the Browns may be releasing their new uniforms soon. Some say it’s February 16, some says it’s February 18th, but no one really has any idea. We gathered all the uniform concepts floating around Twitter etc. and rated them. Some are good, some are pretty bad. I imagine that whatever the Browns and Nike come up with, they’ll resemble something in this gallery

UPDATE: Those dates are obviously completely wrong

. If you know of any that aren’t on here, tweet us @Bottlegate

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