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Second (annual?) Cleveland Indians Mean Tweets


Well one thing hasn’t changed since last year’s first edition of Indians Mean Tweets – I can’t figure out how to embed the video. So here’s a link.





I know he rubs some people the wrong way but I actually kind of like Mike Polk. He may be a little over the top sometimes but his Browns stuff is usually on point, and the video he did with Swish two springs ago was pretty damn hilarious.

That being said….no, no, a thousand times no for Mike Polk on Indians Mean Tweets. The whole point of this bit, the reason it’s so funny is to hear athletes and celebrities read things people say about them. They talk, we laugh. They don’t need an emcee as a middle man. It’s like the guy in the bathroom that offers to squirt soap into your hands or throw your trash away. Why? The only time I don’t really find Polk funny is when it seems like he’s trying too hard, and he’s at max effort for the entire 3 minutes here.

In his defense though, he wasn’t given much talent to work with. Kluber, Kipnis and Lonnie were the unquestioned stars of last year’s video. Nowhere to be found this year. The 2016 version is half as long and features 8 people to last year’s 25 (3 of which are brand new to the team.)

Last year (6 minutes)  – Tom Hamilton, Lonnie Chisenhall, David Murphy, Yan Gomes, Jim Rosenhaus, Scott Atchison, Cody Allen, Jason Kipnis, Brandon Moss, Carlos Santana, Nick Swisher, TJ House, Chris Antonetti, Terry Francona, Rick Manning, Matt Underwood, Corey Kluber, Zach McAllister, Carlos Carrasco, Mike Aviles, Sandy Alomar, Charles Nagy, Josh Tomlin, BOB UECKERMichael Brantley

This year (2 minutes and 43 seconds) – Mike Polk, Danny Salazar, Roberto Perez, Mike Napoli, TJ House, Cody Anderson, Joba Chamberlain, Tommy Hunter

Maybe this is good though. Hilarious video last year, no playoff appearance. Reverse jix?

Bonus Bob Uecker Hall of Fame induction speech because it’s funnier than both of these things and anything else you’ll watch today

Mike Polk hits another homer: 2016 Browns Season Tickets promo


To all those saying “it can’t get any worse” when it comes to the Browns….what if we didn’t have Mike Polk? Dude is just churning out satirical GOLD the past couple months.

This really is the ultimate Browns video though. Each line, out of context and without his delivery, are just shitty facts about how horrible this franchise is. That’s part of what makes it so funny/unbearably depressing. Such is the life of a Browns fan.

Mike Polk’s Newest Video Will Remind You Of All Those Browns Jerseys You Regret Buying

Brady Quinn? Check.

Trent Richardson? Check.

Johnny Manziel? Check. (still relevant and still have faith though)

Those are my jersey skeletons hanging in my closet.

Go to the Muni Lot for one game this season and you’ll see the majority of these jerseys being worn proudly. I think in some way it’s a badge of honor among Browns fans. Like it’s a club of people with the mindset of “Yeah I spent $100 on this jersey but fuck it, I’ll support this team no matter if my jersey is relevant or not.” You see someone wearing a Quincy Morgan jersey and it’s hilarious, but then you realize you’re wearing a Jake Delhomme jersey and you can both laugh about how dumb you both are.

This brings up a conversation I just had this past weekend. My friend was in the market for a new jersey and we started discussing his options. Aside from Joe Haden, whose jersey would you go out and buy right now? Remember you have to consider their age, position, contract, production, etc. I said Kruger, Shelton, Hartline, or Crow. He decided on Gipson. Solid pick but before I agree with it let’s hope Gip is here for a couple years before I even think about dropping the cash to buy his jersey.