The Buckeyes-Rutgers Hype Video Is The Best Hype Video So Far This Season


I WAS NOT expecting to get pumped up for a Rutgers game yet here we are.

Now this isn’t so much a trailer for the Rutgers game (because who can honestly say they’re excited to watch Rutgers play football) as it is a recap of the scene at the Horseshoe last Saturday. Damn, that blackout was cool.

How about JT at the 0:25 mark? It’s rare to see a quarterback show that kind of emotion pregame let alone someone like JT who seems to be pretty even keeled. That right there made me jump out of my chair and start fist pumping. If a dude has that much emotion TO BE THE BACKUP vs Penn State then imagine how dialed in he’s going to be as the starter vs. Rutgers tomorrow.


Bucks 75 Rutgers 0

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