The Re-imagined Cavs Football Jersey Is Pretty Badass

Via Bleacher Report

Not bad. Not bad. Love the concept by Bleacher Report and I’m sure these took forever… but I’ll be completely honest, I’m not really a fan of the Cavs one. I know, I know I usually love everything Cleveland and am a total homer so this doesn’t feel right. In fairness though, I’m not a fan of the Cavs normal basketball jerseys at all. Never have been crazy about the wine and gold combination. I think they’re the worst uniforms in Cleveland. Best team, worst jerseys.  Sorry, that’s just how I feel and nothing you guys say can change my mind.


The gold helmet is pretty dope though. I would love to see these reimagined using the old Cavs colors. Those would be a legit 15/10.

Here’s my top 5 in no order:






Go check out the rest here


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