Browns v Rams Monday Game Tape; Not Good, Guys. Not Good.

Not much to say after that one, guys. We can’t tackle, can’t block, can’t run, can’t make plays. This team is incredibly flawed on each side of the ball. We’ve got a helluva kicker and a helluva punter though!

Let’s look at the game tape I guess

clestlbox clestlstats

Before the game even started Bernie said the Browns season was over

There were about 7500 fans there for kickoff

When things weren’t going well for the Browns, Josh McCown hit a wall. No. He literally hit a wall.

And I remixed it with Miley Cyrus

Joe Thomas blocking porn

Todd Gurley’s first NFL touchdown was the easiest run he’s had since middle school

Barnidge did Barnidge things per usual

Not good when Aaron Donald almost takes the handoff. Not good.

And Gurley scored his second TD of the day when no one on the Browns decided to try and tackle him

And the Browns lost 24-6.

Couple quick thoughts

  • Does anyone find themselves watching these games and being totally emotionless? Every Browns turnover they had I just sat in front of my TV with no reaction. Didn’t swear or scream or anything. October 25th and the apathy has already set in.
  • It was expected that the Rams defensive front would affect the game but I didn’t think our offensive line would totally fall apart like it did. The Rams absolutely abused our offensive line.
  • Robert Turbin had a nice little stretch there in the third quarter where he did some good things so that was encouraging I guess.
  • The more the season goes on the more I want Ray Farmer fired immediately
  • The Browns were the lowest scoring team in the NFL on Sunday
  • It was kind of a win that the Browns ONLY allowed 128 yards to Todd Gurley yesterday
  • It’s a pretty crowded field in the AFC to be a Pro Bowl tight end but if Gary B. keeps playing like this, then he;s gotta be there.
  • I have tons of respect for Josh McCown hanging in there and getting the piss kicked out of him almost every time he dropped back.
  • Anyone want to start talking draft? I want a beast in the front 7. Bosa, Oakman, Nkemdiche please.
  • These reviews used to be fun to do but now that the NFL deletes Vines and GIFs (along with the Browns sucking) it’s become more of a chore than something I like putting together on Mondays


Guys, it’s time to play Johnny from here on out. The season is over, we’re not making the playoffs. There’s no point in trotting out a 36 year old journeyman quarterback when the team is going nowhere. This move should have been made after the Titans game. Josh has shown that he’s still a pretty serviceable quarterback but to have him under center for this team right now is pointless. If there were playmakers around the quarterback and this team was playoff caliber… then McCown should start no questions asked. Butttt this team stinks and is heading to another 4-12/5-11 season.

If Johnny sucks then he sucks and you get rid of him after this season. We have to see what we have in him. Play the kid and see if there’s ANYTHING there.

This also applies to Justin Gilbert I think?


See you in the Muni Lot next Sunday.

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