Browns Fan Makes A “Browns QB Graveyard” Display In His Front Yard


On Charles Road, you’ll find an orange and black cemetery depicting Browns quarterback casualties over the years. There are headstones that represent every Browns Quarterback since 1999. 

The years on the gravestones represent the years that the players were here in Cleveland. Some only have one year painted on them because the player only lasted one season.   


south park animated GIF

You guys hear the one about the Browns having 22 different starting quarterbacks since 99?

Maybe you guys have seen this jersey? It has EVERY last name of the players who have quarterbacked the Browns in the past 16 years. Pretty wild, right?

So when the opportunity presents itself to make a hilarious Halloween display, you’ve just gotta take advantage of it.

Have you seen that new video that’s going viral on the Internet? It’s a clip of a guy talking to a cop and then the guy points down to the cop’s shoes and asks the cop “what are those?” It’s totally hilarious and new and fresh and not beaten into the ground just like this Browns QB joke.

PS- Catch me on another day and I may have a whole different take on this Halloween display. But the fact is right now the Browns stink, it’s Monday, I’m hungover, I lost all my bets this weekend, and I hate everything. Sorry. I’m actually jealous I didn’t come up with the idea myself to be honest.



PPS- This works well with GMs, head coaches, and offensive coordinators too. I’m sure fans wouldn’t particularly mind seeing “Here lies Ray Farmer; Browns GM 2014-2015”

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