Dwayne Bowe’s not even bothering to fake it anymore

Alright. Enough is enough man. It’s been fun (using that term loosely) ripping the Browns for making such an awful decision to bring this guy in and it’s been fun (as a goose) making all of the “snake it till you make it” jokes about Bowe himself. But the camel’s back should be as broken as the Browns rush defense after this shit he pulled yesterday during the National Anthem. Now he’s not only pickpocketing the franchise to the tune of NINE MILLION DOLLARS but he’s gonna be a douchebag while he’s doing it? No thanks man.

Pettine needs to show some stones here sometime soon. Guessing he won’t just call him into this office and cut him himself, but there’s nothing stopping him from being honest about how worthless this guy has been the next time’s he’s asked about him in front of a microphone. You’re getting $3 million dollars per target this year. Everyone knows you’re a washed up waste of money. Just shut up and collect your checks. Instead, he gives us quotes like these:

“These guys love me, they know I’m a great teammate and a great player. It’s time to make plays and I’ve been doing it my whole career so that’s not going to change.”

“I fought my way so many years in Kansas City so, but it doesn’t matter. Once I hit the field running, you guys will love it.”

“We practice every day so the timing, I have really good timing with all the quarterbacks, actually. It’s just doing it in the game is what everybody is waiting on. Once that happens, the questions will be minimized.”

And then stands 15 yards away from the guys who allegedly love him during the National Anthem of a Salute to Service game. Class act, that Dwayne Bowe.

From a football standpoint though, what in the hell is this guy still doing on your roster? Don’t tell me the $9 million. That money is toast either way, whether he’s making a scene during pregame or he’s sitting on his couch. You signed him to be a big target for your quarterbacks in the passing game, yet on first and goal from the 9 in the first quarter yesterday, he was nowhere to be found. Same thing on second down. And third. Maybe Pettine forgot he was even active, since he’s been a healthy scratch the previous three weeks. The only reason he even saw the field later in the game was because Marlon Moore, a special teamer who made the team by the skin of his teeth, lost his shoe on a play and needed a sub.

So, to recap: you get absolutely no production on the field from this guy, and he’s a delusional sideshow off it. Insert Terrelle Pryor/Josh Lenz sentence here. He’s been a waste of a roster spot all year. Might as well bring in someone who actually wants to be here.

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