Cavs will debut black, sleeved jerseys tonight against the Knicks




My hatred for sleeved basketball jerseys flows North through my veins with the power of the Nile. Always hated them, always will hate them, period. Baseball and football jerseys have sleeves. Basketball jerseys do not. That is what makes them basketball jerseys. What’s next? Button down basketball jerseys? (If so, you heard it here first, Adidas.)

All that being said….



…..kinda. I clearly wasn’t crazy about them right after the reveal, and the pictures circulating Twitter once they hit the racks at the team shop were even worse. But I saw a kid wearing a K Love one on Sunday walking into the Browns game (why?) (the jersey, and going to the game in the first place), and I gotta say, I didn’t hate it. We’ll see how tonight goes.

PS The alternates from Friday should be a permanent member of our jersey rotation and it shouldn’t even be a discussion


PPS I can’t get enough of LeBron’s short shorts this year and I don’t care who knows it

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