Congratulations Browns Fans, You’re The 4th Drunkest Fanbase In The NFL

Via Vinepair

While some NFL fans are known to be rowdier than others, no one ever took it upon themselves to quantify the levels of intoxication around the league…until now. We reached out to the folks atBACtrack — who make personal smartphone-linked breathalyzers — to investigate. They crunched the data over the first seven weeks of the 2015 NFL season (Sundays only) and the results are in.


  1. Bills
  2. Lions
  3. Eagles
  4. Browns
  5. Cardinals

No surprise that these teams make up the top 5. When a team never wins a Super Bowl, it inevitably means their fans are going to booze more. Can’t win rings, can’t be sober. Who cares if the product on the field is shitty when you can drink 15 beers and still have an OK time? Browns fans know this line of reasoning all too well.

After yesterday’s Ray Farmer press conference I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns vault into the top 3 pretty soon. What a debacle that was. You needed a stiff drink just to handle the words that your ears were hearing. If there was a ranking of “drunkest fans during owner and GM press conferences,” I think the Browns would be in first.

I’m almost positive this guy was the deciding factor on if the Browns would be in 5th or 4th place.


Also, what’s up with Cincinnati? .016? WTF? Do you guys even NFL, bro? Can’t you walk like 15 feet into Kentucky and buy the 190 proof Everclear? Who knew Cincy was filled with a bunch of Debbie Downers?

Never change, Cleveland




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